2020.05.20 14:00

Some 230,000 respirators arrive in Lithuania from China

BNS 2020.05.20 14:00

Around 230,000 respirators for medics were delivered to Lithuania on Tuesday night, the Health Ministry said.

They were jointly purchased by hospitals in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys as well as Kaunas Municipality.

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The ministry says there are five safety levels defining when and what specific personal protection equipment should be used by medics. The different levels take into account their work environment and the group of patients the medics have contact with.

Figures from the Health Ministry show that a total of more than 32 million out of the planned 35 million pieces of various personal protection equipment have been already delivered to Lithuania, with the last shipments expected in late May.

The Lithuanian government said earlier it had ordered 1.8 million respirators, 5.7 million facemasks, 0.8 million pieces of protective eyewear, 1.8 million disposable caps, 1.8 million disposable gowns, over 1 million disposable overalls, 15 million disposable gloves, and 3.6 million disposable overshoes from China.