2020.05.18 10:52

Coronavirus: 6 new cases, 3 deaths in Lithuania 2020.05.18 10:52

Lithuania confirmed six new coronavirus cases over Sunday, the country's Health Ministry said on Monday morning. One Covid-19 patient passed away in Vilnius Clinical Hospital.

So far, Lithuania has reported 1,547 infections and 59 coronavirus deaths.

Six more people who had been diagnosed with the virus died from other causes, according to the ministry.

About two-thirds of the infected, 997, have already recovered, while 485 remain active cases.

On Sunday, 2,378 people were tested for Covid-19 in Lithuania.

3 new cases

Three new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Lithuania over the past 24 hours, Jolanta Čereškienė of the National Public Health Centre told BNS on Monday.

A total of 59 people have died of the coronavirus in Lithuania so far, according to the latest data. There were 56 reported deaths on Sunday morning.

One of the latest coronavirus deaths was reported on Sunday at Vilnius Clinical Hospital, one of the hotspots of the virus.