2020.05.17 12:37

Coronavirus: six new cases, infections decreasing 2020.05.17 12:37

Seven new Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Lithuania, bringing the country’s total to 1,541 the National Public Health Centre reported on Sunday.

The number of infections have been going down in recent weeks, Daiva Razmuvienė from the centre told LRT RADIO on Sunday. However, some concerns stem from the poorly-controlled breakout points in healthcare and nursing institutions and dormitories, she said.

Thirty Covid-19 cases have been diagnosed at Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, which is one of the two hotspots along with Antavilių care home near the Lithuanian capital with 40 confirmed cases.

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“I think there are many problems there,” she said, adding that lessons from controlling other infectious diseases should have been learned. “The [safety] requirements are the same, but it seems there must have been an oversight somewhere.”

As of Saturday, 56 people have died from the novel coronavirus, 482 are still ill, and 987 recovered, and 294 are in isolation.