2020.05.14 17:17

Women in Lithuania more susceptible to Covid-19

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS 2020.05.14 17:17

Women in Lithuania have been more susceptible to the coronavirus than men, according to the National Public Health Centre.

A breakdown of the country's Covid-19 cases shows that women are overrepresented both among people with the virus and patients who have died from the disease.

The rate of infection among women is 5.67 cases per population of 10,000, compared to 4.69 among men, the centre's representative Rolanda Lingienė told reporters.

Of the 54 people who died from the coronavirus, 33 are women and 21 men. All but six were older than 60, Lingienė said.

Meanwhile, 26 children have tested positive for Covid-19, including 11 under the age of four and another 15 between five and 14.

Generally, the infection rate in Lithuania has been comparatively low, according to Lingienė.

“In the European context, we look fairly well as there are fewer than 54 cases per population of 100,000, compared to Luxemburg, Spain and Iceland where there are over 600, 500 and 400 cases per 100,000,” she said.

Geographically, Klaipėda County, the country's western-most region, has the highest rate of infection – 17.7 per 10,000, followed by Vilnius County (8.25) and Marijampolė County (7.2). In absolute numbers, however, the most populous Vilnius Country region also has most of the coronavirus cases.

The number of new coronavirus cases, excluding known hotspots, has been going down over the past two weeks, Lingienė said. Meanwhile the hotspots “are fairly well localised and pose little risk to the population”, according to her.

The biggest infection rates have been reported among people over 80. In absolute terms, however, people between 25 and 49 account for the largest number of infections.

The spread of the infection among medical workers – accounting for about one-fifth of all the cases in the country – remains a concern, Lingienė said.

Infections contracted abroad stand at 303, or about one-fifth of the total. In Kaunas County, however, the so-called imported cases account for nearly a half of all cases.

As of Thursday, Lithuania has confirmed 1,511 Covid-19 cases. Fifty-four people have died and 934 have recovered.