2020.05.12 17:19

Coronavirus spreading at Vilnius hospital, possible outbreaks in shops

BNS2020.05.12 17:19

Covid-19 infections have been spreading at Vilnius City Clinical Hospital located in the Antakalnis area of the Lithuanian capital. The National Public Health Centre has also urged to test people working in shops and pharmacies in the area.

"There are three wards with infected patients. [...] These are big wards with five beds and they were full of patients," Rolanda Lingienė of the National Public Health Centre said on Tuesday.

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Nine staff members and 12 patients have so far tested positive for the virus, and the infection has reached the hospitals' internal disease and ICU units.

“We are looking for epidemiological connections between the different cases,” said Lingienė, adding that other outbreak points could be linked to shops operating in Antakalnis, as well as Žirmūnai areas of Vilnius.

“We are calling on shops and pharmacies located in the [Žirmūnai and Atakalnis] areas to undertake repeated Covid-19 tests for their workers,” she said.

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