2020.05.13 16:59

Psychologists to accompany ambulances in Lithuania's capital 2020.05.13 16:59

Ambulances arriving at a scene of an incident in Vilnius will be accompanied by psychologists who will provide counselling to the victims and anyone else affected, according to a press release by the municipality.

“There is a fundamental difference between common practice where psychologists and volunteers counsel people [...] and when this service is offered to people affected by a sudden disaster or shock practically at the scene of an incident,” Martynas Marcinkevičius, director of Vilnius Mental Health Centre, is quoted in the press release.

Emergency counselling by psychologists is especially needed for relatives shocked by an accident, suicide, serious injury or sudden death, according to Vilnius municipality.

“In order to receive this service, you should simply call 112 and contact the ambulance dispatcher,” said Marcinkevičius.

The service will be provided by the Mental Health Centre of Vilnius city together with Vilnius Ambulance Station.