2020.05.11 12:30

Quarter of shops fail to comply with Lithuania's quarantine rules

BNS 2020.05.11 12:30

A quarter of retail businesses inspected by Lithuanian authorities fail to observe coronavirus prevention rules, with small grocery shops the most common offenders.

The country's State Food and Veterinary Service has inspected 163 businesses to see how they are implementing rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“Violations were recorded at a quarter of retail venues, mainly small grocery stores, in as many as 80 percent of them, the government's coronavirus communication head Giedrius Surplys said on Monday.

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In addition to grocery shops, the inspectors were visiting big supermarkets and marketplaces.

“There were violations at 15 percent of marketplaces. As for supermarkets, the Food and Veterinary Service found they are quite disciplined, as violations were discovered at only 5 percent of them,” Surplys said.

Most violations were reported in the districts of Marijampolė and Alytus, in the south of the country.

“In most cases, the violations included failure to check staff members' temperature before opening the shop. Also, there was no information at the entrances informing clients about the importance of personal hygiene,” Surplys said.

Meanwhile the police reported 42 violations of quarantine rules over the past weekend.

While supermarkets and grocery shops remained open during the nationwide coronavirus quarantine, the government only allowed all other shops to reopen in late April. However, businesses are required to ensure distances between people and take other measures to protect the health of their employees and clients.