2020.05.11 13:12

Lithuanian Navy to acquire used mine hunter from UK

BNS2020.05.11 13:12

Lithuania's Navy is gearing up for the acquisition of a used HUNT-class mine hunting, search and rescue vessel from the United Kingdom, according to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry.

The total value of the ship's acquisition and upgrade will stand at around 62.4 million euros, including taxes.

The price includes the vessel's complete preparation for mine hunting, search and rescue tasks, as well as a package of spare parts, warranty maintenance, personnel training for the servicing and operation of the new equipment.

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Lithuania decided to buy a ship similar to the HUNT-class vessels it currently uses, such as LNS Skalvis M53 and LNS Kuršis M54.

The contract with the British Ministry of Defence was signed on April 9. Under the contract, the British side will also call an open tender for the vessel's full upgrade.

The ship will be acquired in 2021 and delivered to the Lithuanian Navy in 2023 after completing the upgrades.

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