2020.05.09 13:47

Coronavirus: 8 new cases, all in care homes and hospitals

updated, BNS2020.05.09 13:47

The Lithuanian Health Ministry reported eight new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday morning, bringing the total to 1,444. A 50th person has also died from causes linked to the virus.

All new cases come from healthcare establishments and care homes, according to the National Public Health Centre.

Three of them were identified in Vilnius – two are workers at the Antavilių care home, and one person is a patient at Vilnius City Clinical Hospital.

Four other workers at a care home and hospital in Kartena, near Lithuania’s port city of Klaipėda, have also been confirmed with Covid-19. One worker at Kaunas Republican Hospital has also been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The 50th person to die from causes linked to the virus was a 90-years-old person in Klaipėda University Hospital, who also suffered from chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, over 180,000 tests for the novel coronavirus have been performed in Lithuania, including 8,141 on Friday.

As of May 9, 563 peope are still ill with Covid-19, while 828 have recovered. Another 268 are currently in isolation.

UPDATE: The health ministry revised the figures on Sunday. Read more here.

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