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Lithuania postpones draft for military service due to pandemic

BNS 2020.05.07 10:22

The Lithuanian military has postponed the draft for military service due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Lithuanian Armed Forces said on Wednesday.

Sixty conscripts were due to start their military service at the Lithuanian naval force on May 11. Another 150 reserve troops were scheduled to take part in a 20-day military training at the Lithuanian Armed Forces School starting from May 9.

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The Armed Forces also had to suspend medical tests for the new batch of draftees.

“The changes have not been significant so far. but the lockdown restrictions have had a certain impact on the planned number of draftees,” Lithuania's Chief of Defence Valdemaras Rupšys said in a press release.

“We have suspended medical examination for conscripts due to the lockdown [and] the conscription plan will be adjusted,” he added.

Lithuania reintroduced partial military conscription in 2015 following Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

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