2020.05.07 14:00

Quarantine library boom: Vilnius residents order over 300 books per day 2020.05.07 14:00

During quarantine, residents of Vilnius have been ordering more than 300 books from the city’s libraries per day, according to a press release by the municipality.

Libraries are accepting orders from individuals once per week and the service is especially popular among seniors, according to Vilnius municipality.

“We are very happy to see that we can brighten the daily lives of our readers and encourage them to stay at home during this unusual period,” Rima Gražienė, director of Vilnius Central Library, is quoted in the press release.

“On the first day of the service, everyone from seniors to families with children and young people were ordering books – obviously everyone needs reading,” she added.

Vilnius residents can order books via an online catalogue or by phone, and librarians deliver them to readers without physical contact.

Librarians contact service recipients by phone and leave the books at their door upon arrival.

This service is available to readers registered at the Vilnius Central Library and its branches.

However, readers should hold on to the books until the end of the quarantine due to safety concerns. Penalties for late returns will not be charged.