2020.05.05 13:30

EU's internal borders may reopen in mid-May, Lithuanian minister says

BNS 2020.05.05 13:30

With the coronavirus pandemic waning, the European Union (EU) is considering reopening internal borders in mid-May, Lithuania’s Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė says.

“We are holding discussions in the European Commission and there was a meeting of the Council of Ministers [where] we are discussing that May 15 might be the latest date for reopening Europe’s internal borders,” she told LRT RADIO on Tuesday.

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However, it would be left for the member states to decide on what sanitary checks to keep at their borders.

Restrictions in force at the external borders with Belarus and Russia would remain in place at least until June, the minister said.

Lithuania restricted entry into and exit from the country shortly after the introduction of a nationwide quarantine in mid-March. On Monday, the government lifted exit restrictions for Lithuanian nationals.

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