2020.05.04 10:41

Coronavirus: Lithuania confirms 9 new cases, new hotspot at rehabilitation hospital

LRT.lt2020.05.04 10:41

Nine people were diagnosed with Covid-19 in Lithuania over Sunday, bringing the country's total of confirmed cases to 1,419, the Ministry of Health said on Monday.

Forty-six people have died so far after contracting the virus and 638 have recovered.

According to the National Public Health Centre, 2,351 people were tested for the coronavirus on Sunday.

A rehabilitation hospital in Vilnius has become a new Covid-19 hotspot.

Patients ant staff members at Pušyno Kelias, which is part of Vilnius University Hospital, were tested after one patient, who was in recovery after a physical trauma, was confirmed to have Covid-19 on Saturday.

By Monday morning, five patients and two staff members had been diagnosed with the disease.

Only four new cases of Covid-19 had been confirmed in Lithuania over Saturday, the smallest increase since mid-March.