2020.04.29 17:41

Lithuanian government proposes 200-euro grants for job seekers and pensioners 2020.04.29 17:41

The Lithuanian government proposed paying 200-euro grants to the unemployed and socially vulnerable people, including pensioners and people on social benefits.

Unemployed people would be entitled to a 200-euro job seekers’ monthly allowance, to be paid for six months after the end of the quarantine.

Around 200,000 people could be eligible for the measure which would cost the government around 265 million euros.

Meanwhile, around 910,000 people who receive pensions and other benefits would be entitled to a one-off payment of 200 euros, according to the government.

This comes as part of the 931.7-million-euro package in addition to the previously announced measures, which should reach around 1.4 million people in the country.

The government's proposal needs to be approved by the parliament.