2020.04.24 12:00

Russian Embassy in Prague avoids Boris Nemtsov Square address

LRT.lt2020.04.24 12:00

Russia's Embassy in the Czech Republic has reportedly changed its formal address in Prague after the square where the embassy is located was renamed to honour Boris Nemtsov, a slain Russian opposition leader.

In a statement to the Czech Foreign Ministry, the Russian embassy blamed it of politicising a "technical" step to maintain the embassy’s official address as the one used by its consular division, the Guardian reported on Monday.

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Prague municipality voted to rename the square, previously called Under the Chestnuts, to mark the fifth anniversary of Nemtsov’s death, following the symbolic tradition of Washington, Kyiv and Vilnius.

'Boriso Nemcovo Skveras' in Vilnius is located in front of the Russian embassy on Latvių street.

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