2020.04.20 17:38

Around quarter of residents tested in Lithuania’s coronavirus hotspot

BNS 2020.04.20 17:38

Over 1,000 residents have already been tested in Nemenčinė, a town 20 kilometres north of the Lithuanian capital, which was sealed off on Thursday to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Liucina Kotlovska, director of administration at the local municipality, told BNS the number of samples taken by late Monday would probably "stand at around 1,500". Between 4,000 and 5,000 people live in the town.

Entry and exit restrictions were put in place in Nemenčinė on April 16 after a number of workers at a local garment factory were diagnosed with Covid-19.

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On Monday, all workers at the Vilnika factory were tested, with 84 workers found to be infected with the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the movement restrictions will remain in place until Thursday midnight. Kotlova hopes there will be no need to extend the lockdown.

"I believe people are well aware of everything and do not want to risk their health and the health of their relatives,” she told BNS on Monday. “I believe that discipline is in place after a week and it will remain.”

A medical worker from a Nemenčinė-based nursing hospital centre was diagnosed with Covid-19 last Friday, said Kotlova, adding that there have been no new coronavirus breakout points within the town's medical institutions.

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Test results of all residents at the nursing hospital in Nemenčinė were negative, Rolanda Lingienė, an epidemiologist at the National Public Health Centre, told BNS.

As the majority of the hospital’s staff went into self-isolation, medics from Santara Clinic in Vilnius came to assist the Nemenčinė hospital.

Also, two workers at Senevita, a care home in Nemenčinė, were previously diagnosed with Covid-19.

On Monday, all personnel were tested for the virus, with no new infections detected. The centre has 150 workers and 250 residents, who should all be tested in the coming days.