2020.04.20 09:22

Coronavirus: 51 medics recover from Covid-19, 1,200 in self-isolation

updated, BNS 2020.04.20 09:22

The Lithuanian Health Ministry reported 28 new of Covid-19 on Monday morning, bringing the total to 1,326.

Over Sunday, 2,310 tests were performed out of the total of 66,352 since the pandemic began. So far, 242 people have recovered from Covid-19.

Fifty-one medics recover from Covid-19

A total of 220 medical workers in Lithuania have tested positive for the coronavirus and 51 of them have recovered, Daiva Razmuvienė, an epidemiologist from the National Public Health Centre (NPHC), told reporters on Monday.

There are 30 coronavirus breakout points in Lithuania, including around 10 in health institutions, according to Razmuvienė. Around 1,200 medics are in self-isolation, she added.

Thirty-seven deaths from the coronavirus

Three people died from the coronavirus on Sunday. All of them died in the city of Klaipėda, and belonged to a risk group, meaning they suffered from chronic diseases.

Later on Monday morning, the Health Ministry confirmed another person has died from the coronavirus on Sunday night, bringing the total number of deaths to 37. The person passed away in Klaipėda and belonged to a risk group,

Klaipėdos Hospisas (Klaipėda Hospice) nursing home was previously declared a breakout point of the coronavirus. According to the head of Klaipėda University Hospital, Vinsas Janušonis, there’s a big likelyhood that all those living in the hospice have been infected.

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The head of the hospice, Rasa Dagienė, said on Sunday that one person diagnosed with Covid-19 has died. The person was also sick with cancer.

The Health Ministry later confirmed the death as linked to Covid-19. According to the ministry’s protocols, if a person who passes away is infected with Covid-19, the death is considered linked to the coronavirus.

Seventeen people require ventilators

A total of 147 patients are being treated for Covid-19 in hospitals in Lithuania and 71 of them are on ventilators in intensive care units, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said earlier on Friday.

Some 5.4 percent of all ventilators available in Lithuania are currently in use, according to the minister.

Around 200 troops in insolation, 8 have coronavirus

Meanwhile, the military said earlier on Friday that eight people are infected with the coronavirus, one has recovered, and 200 are in isolation. There are also up to 10 people confirmed with Covid-19 at the multinational NATO battalion stationed in Lithuania.

Some of the Lithuanian troops are isolated at military premises, and some are isolating at home, Captain Andrius Dilda, a PR officer at the Defence Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, told BNS.

"There are up to a dozen people ill [at the NATO battalion] and there are also many people who have recovered,” said Dilda, adding that from the 20 troops that previously tested positive for Covid-19 were taken to their homes countries.

Meanwhile, other NATO troops are still being treated in Lithuania and others have recovered, said Dilda.

The German-led NATO battalion, part of the Alliance's Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP), includes units from Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Norway.

The battalion has been deployed to Lithuania in February 2017 in response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine and its military activity in the region.