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Coronavirus: 90 new cases in Lithuania 2020.04.18 10:40

Ninety new coronavirus cases were reported in Lithuania over Friday, the biggest spike this week. Almost two-thirds of the new cases were diagnosed in Nemenčinė. The total count of infections in the country stands at 1,239.

Over Friday, 5,715 people were tested for the virus, according to the Health Ministry, and 58,816 tests have been carried out in total since the beginning of the epidemic.

Thirty-three people with Covid-19 have died in the country, while 228 recoveries have been confirmed, including 50 medical workers.

Hotspot near Vilnius

Fifty-two of the 90 new cases diagnosed on Friday were workers of a garment factory in Nemenčinė, a town north of Vilnius, Rolanda Lingienė of the National Public Health Centre told BNS on Saturday morning.

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Following the spread of Covid-19 in the factory last weekend, the government put the entire town of about 5,000 under lockdown. Movement of people to and from Nemenčinė has been restricted for at least a week.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Justina Petravičienė told that all residents of Nemenčinė were in the process of being tested for the coronavirus.

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