2020.04.17 12:00

Lithuania's Orthodox churches to hold Easter services behind closed doors

BNS 2020.04.17 12:00

Orthodox Christians in Lithuania are celebrating Easter on Sunday with church services held behind closed doors amid coronavirus quarantine restrictions.

“I am glad that Orthodox believers are understanding about this situation,” Archbishop Innokenty of Vilnius and Lithuania told reporters on Friday.

“We hope all the requirements will be adhered to during Easter services,” the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Lithuania said, adding that churches remain open to individual prayer outside service hours.

“And when the services are over, our churches and shrines are open and believers can come in to pray, light a candle and leave the names of their loved ones for commemoration,” he said.

Innokenty said the Orthodox Church was following the government's instructions to ensure safety.

The archbishop admitted that the Church was experiencing financial difficulties due to a marked decline in donations.

Lithuania is home to over 100,000 Orthodox Christians.