2020.04.17 12:51

Around a third of ordered medical goods from China arrive in Lithuania

BNS 2020.04.17 12:51

Around a third of all protective medical gear ordered from China has already reached Lithuania. According to the country's Health Ministry, the shipments so far included 7.64 million pairs of disposable gloves and 3.65 million medical facemasks.

Out of the total 31.55 million pieces of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) ordered from China, some 12.7 million have already reached Lithuania, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

The Lithuanian government said earlier it had ordered from China some 1.8 million respirators, 5.7 million facemasks, 0.8 million safety glasses, 1.8 million disposable caps, 1.8 million disposable gowns, 1.05 million disposable overalls, 15 million disposable gloves, and 3.6 million disposable overshoes.

However, some of the respirators delivered from China on Saturday did not fit properly and were only "40–80 percent effective," Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on April 2.

The Lithuaniana authorities decided to test the respirators before use after the Netherlands encountered similar problems with supplies from China.

The ministry hasn't yet provided figures on how many respirators were faulty.