2020.04.17 09:35

Coronavirus: 1,149 total infections, including over 200 medical workers, BNS 2020.04.17 09:35

Lithuania has 1,149 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Friday morning after 21 new cases were reported over Thursday. One death was reported on Friday, 33rd in the country.

The patient died at Kaunas Clinics and belonged to a risk group, the Health Ministry said, meaning he or she was of an advanced age or had chronic health conditions.

Two Covid-19 patients died on Thursday evening. One was treated in Klaipėda University Hospital, the other in Kaunas Clinical Hospital. Both were of an advanced age, according to the Health Ministry.

In all, 33 people with Covid-19 have died in Lithuania.

On Thursday, 4,564 people were tested for the coronavirus, according to the Health Ministry, and 53,101 tests have been carried out since the beginning of the epidemic.

Nemenčinė, a town some 20 kilometres north of Vilnius, was put under lockdown this week after an outbreak of Covid-19 in a local garment factory.

Twenty-three Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the town of 5,000 people so far.

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In all, there are 20 known coronavirus outbreak points across the country, according to Ginreta Megelinskienė of the National Public Health Centre.

The spread of the disease in hospitals is particularly concerning, she told LRT RADIO.

“Healthcare institutions in Klaipėda and Marijampolė have seen a rapid increase of coronavirus cases,” she said.

Second case in Nemenčinė nursing home

A second staff member at Senevita, a nursing home in Nemenčinė, has been diagnosed with Covid-19, its director confirmed on Friday.

“All members of the staff have been tested. We only have some of the results and the rest will come this evening or tomorrow morning,” Petras Jurgilas told BNS.

All of the tests came back negative, except for one member of the administrative staff, according to the director.

“He did not develop any symptoms and is currently in isolation. That person had no contact with the residents [of the nursing home],” he said.

The first Covid-19 case in the nursing home was earlier confirmed in a worker who is said to be a relative of an infected employee of Vilnika, the garment factory where the coronavirus outbreak started.

Over 200 medical workers infected

A total of 205 medical workers in Lithuania have tested positive for the coronavirus so far and 34 of them have recovered, the head of the National Public Health Centre's Vilnius Department said on Friday.

More than 1,200 medical workers have had to self-isolate, according to Rolanda Lingienė.

“I can't say how many [of them are in isolation] now, because that number changes every day as they return to work,” she told BNS.