2020.04.13 08:00

Lithuania’s ‘Business vs Covid-19’ initiative mobilises local manufacturers 2020.04.13 08:00

Lithuania’s business promotion agency has moblised local manufacturers to fill supply gaps created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Business vs. Covid-19, an initiative by Enterprise Lithuania, has now attracted 179 local companies, according to a press release.

The platform enables companies to submit proposals to the public and private sectors, including medical institutions, pharmacies and retail chais.

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It’s now being actively used by medical institutions, "which need to purchase the necessary equipment here and now,” Daina Kleponė, the manager of Enterprise Lithuania, is quoted in the press release.

State-owned Nacionalinis Kraujo Centras (National Blood Centre) was looking to procure protective face shields, and it has managed to contract Impressio Digiti via the platform to produce and deliver 250 units the same day.

Sewing companies have been among the first to fill the niche, according to Enterprise Lihuania.

Small and large businesses, including Audimas, Utenos Trikotažas, Pakaita, Kauno Baltija and others, have begun to sew masks, disposable overalls, shoe covers, robes, caps and the other protective equipment for medics.

Other companies, incuding in engineering and advertising sectors, have started adapting their 3D printers to prodcue face shields.

A telematics company, Teltonika, is currently developing a prototype for artificial lung ventilation. Meanwhile, importers are using their contacts in China to find necessary medical equipment.

The credit bureau Creditinfo carried out assessments of the suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that the companies will fulfil their obligations.

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