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Estonia avoids bleakest scenario, mulls easing restrictions 2020.04.09 09:26

Estonian scientists say the country has avoided the bleakest scenario, while the government mulls easing restrictions.

"Coronavirus infections are not going up, but, unfortunately, they are not clearly going down either," said Professor Irja Lutsar from the University of Tartu, adding that current modeling suggests there is no likelihood of a recurrence of the virus either.

According to the Estonian public broadcaster ERR News, earlier reports put April 10–20 as the peak of the virus in the country. The number of confirmed cases had fallen to 42 on April 7 from the height of 134 on March 26.

However, Estonia has reported a coronavirus hotspot on the island of Saaremaa, where 40 percent of Estonia's new coronavirus infections have been reported as of Tuesday and the death toll continues to rise.

A government working group is currently analysing what restrictions can be eased.

"If the number of infected people starts to decrease, followed by the number of people in need of hospital treatment, then we can start thinking about how to gradually restart societal life," said Estonian Social Affairs Minister Tanel Kiik.

As of Tuesday, Estonia had reported 1,185 cases of the coronavirus, 24 deaths, with a total of 24,813 tests performed.

Lithuania, with 912 confirmed cases and 30,108 tests, is now also mulling easing restrictions after Easter.

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