2020.04.04 08:21

Coronavirus: 771 confirmed cases in Lithuania, 83-year-old doctor the latest victim 2020.04.04 08:21

Seventy-five new coronavirus cases were diagnosed in Lithuania over Friday, bringing the country's total count to 771. A woman in her 80s died from the disease on Saturday, the tenth Covid-19 victim in the country.

The woman had been treated in Klaipėda University Hospital, the Ministry of Health said.

She was later identified as Stanislava Bukartienė, an 83-year-old retired medical doctor, by her daughter on Facebook.

Ten people have died from Covid-19, while seven have been confirmed to have recovered in Lithuania.

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Over Friday, Lithuania tested 2,944 people for the coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health, and 21,376 since the beginning of the epidemic.

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