2020.04.02 19:00

Quarantine could be relaxed, if situation is stable – Lithuanian health minister

Vaidotas Beniušis, BNS2020.04.02 19:00

The government may relax quarantine rules for shops and restaurants, if the coronavirus situation in Lithuania remains stable, the health minister has said, adding that it is still too early for that.

“If we manage to maintain stability, then we could open that gate a little more for people to be able to access more services,” Minister Aurelijus Veryga told a press conference on Thursday.

While the number of infections is still growing and an end to restrictions is not in sight, the country needs to prepare for phasing out the quarantine, he said.

“We need to start thinking under what circumstances people could be allowed to leave more, and to probably revive certain retail, perhaps catering venues and setting certain conditions,” according to Veryga.

The government will consult infection specialists and epidemiologists before making any decisions to avoid a sudden jump in infections once the measures are relaxed.

For example, Veryga said, mandatory temperature checks might be introduced, wearing facemasks and gloves might be mandatory and people may have to register on a mobile app to be able to trace contacts in case of an infection.

Lithuania has been placed under quarantine until April 13, with non-essential shops, cafes and bars closed.

Beware of online fraudsters

The Lithuanian health minister has warned people to beware of online fraudsters claiming to sell coronavirus cure.

Speaking on Thursday, Minister Veryga told the public that there was no medication approved by any international organisation that could treat Covid-19.

“People must remain cautious and not buy medicines that are claimed to be suitable for treating the virus,” Veryga said.

He noted that even if treatment existed, it would not be available without a doctor's prescription.

“Let's not succumb to possible fraud and be cautious. If such medication turn up, it will appear in the healthcare system and not in online shops,” the minister said.

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