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Lithuania ups Covid-19 testing, rate of confirmed cases declining

A record number of Covid-19 tests were performed in Lithuania on Wednesday, the government said on Thursday. The share of confirmed cases to the number of tests taken, meanwhile, appeared to be declining.

"We have a new record today – 2,444 samples tested in the past 24 hours," Giedrius Surplys, a government's spokesman, told reporters.

While the number of confirmed coronavirus cases reached a new daily high, the number of positive cases in comparisson to the total number of tests fell considerably, according to Surplys.

"Only 2.7 percent of those tested yesterday are ill with Covid-19," he added.

"The peak was on March 22, when 14 percent of all tests in Lithuania came back positive," said Surplys, adding that around 9–10 percent of all tests around that time were coming back positive.

Healthcare professionals will release their conclusions and an analysis of several scenarios on Friday, he added.

Lithuania's coronavirus count reached 649 confirmed cases on Thursday morning. A total of 15,635 coronavirus tests have been carried out in the country. Eight deaths from the Covid-19 virus and seven recoveries have been reported in Lithuania so far.

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