2020.03.31 13:00

Lithuania won't run out of food, agriculture minister says

BNS 2020.03.31 13:00

Lithuania will not run out of food, according to Agriculture Minister Andrius Palionis. The country produces more than it consumes, while the movement of goods across the EU hasn't been resitrected, he told LRT RADIO on Tuesday.

"I can assure you that in some [sectors], Lithuania produces two and a half times as much food as it can consume, so there will be no food shortages," he said.

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Meanwhile, Lithuanian food exporters are facing losses, according to Palionis. Demand for food imports in EU member states has dropped, as restaurants and other public places remain closed due to the quarantine measures.

"Exports to other EU have now stopped or are minimal," the minister said. "This poses a challenge for our processors" as they are forced to freeze perishable products, he added.

"Frozen products are cheaper than fresh ones. Therefore, businesses are incurring losses," said Palionis.