2020.03.22 18:29

Foreign citizens allowed to transit Lithuania until Thursday

BNS 2020.03.22 18:29

Foreign citizens will be allowed to cross Lithuania until Thursday, the government confirmed on Sunday.

"People returning to their country of residence are allowed to cross [Lithuania] until [00:01] on March 26," Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė said on Sunday.

Those transiting the country will be escorted in groups "from the arrival in Lithuania, to their departure via international border crossing points," she said.

Transit via Lithuania to and from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad will only be allowed at the Kena and Kybartai railway border crossings, according to the minister.

Lithuania closed its borders to foreign citizens when a nationwide quarantine was declared on Monday.

People who have a residence permit in Lithuania, as well as truck drivers, diplomats, NATO enlisted and support personnel as well as their family member, are exempt from the ban.