2020.03.22 11:40

Coronavirus: 129 confirmed cases in Lithuania, including at a military facility

BNS 2020.03.22 11:40

Thirty cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in Lithuania on Sunday, bringing the total number of infections to 129, according to the Health Ministry.

Seven cases, confirmed by the National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory, include people whose sampled were taken at the drive-in stations in Vilnius

One of the people recently returned from Ireland, another one had contact with the Ukmergė doctor who was diagnosed with the virus earlier.

Among the the confirmed cases, four people returned from the UK, and one from Ukraine. Other people contracted the virus in Lithuania, including a doctor who attended an international event, Additional two infections were the so-called cluster cases when a person contracted the virus from a relative.

Two people, who were not medical workers, contracted the virus at Ukmergė hospital.

Klaipedė University Hospital confirmed three cases. One person diagnosed with the virus recently returned from the United Kingdom, and the two other people include a nurse and a nurse's assistant.

Kaunas Clinics confirmed four cases, including a person who returned from the UK and one cluster case, as well as a Dutch soldier who is deployed in Lithuania.

Earlier on Sunday, a man who recently returned from Norway tested positive for the coronavirus, as well as another five people who were tested at the drive-in stations in Vilnius.

On March 20, Lithuania confirmed its first coronavirus death after an elderly woman died in Ukmerge, northeastern Lithuania. She was diagnosed with the virus only after her death.

On Saturday, a second medical worker was confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 at Santaros Clinics in Vilnius.

The first patient, a woman from Šiauliai in northern Lithuania, has already recovered from the virus and been released from hospital.

As of Sunday morning, 2,086 samples have been tested for the coronavirus in Lithuania.

Two coronavirus cases confirmed at a Lithuanian military base in Rukla

A civilian staff member and a Dutch soldier stationed in Rukla, central Lithuania, were diagnosed with Covid-19, the Defence Ministry said on Sunday.

All people who could have been in touch with the two individuals are either in self-isolation at home, or are isolated within the military facilities in Rukla.

The staff member and the soldier are undergoing treatment in a civilian hospital, and their workplaces were disinfected, according to the ministry. The civilian staff member was in self-isolation since March 11 and was diagnosed with the virus on Friday.

All military units will continue taking strict quarantine measures, according to the ministry.