2020.03.20 10:28

Vilnius instructs people to stay at home and help seniors 2020.03.20 10:28

Vilnius authorities have circulated an open letter to the city's residents, asking them in three languages to observe a list of rules during the coronavirus quarantine.

“The coronavirus has forced us and a big part of the world to stay at home. How long we will have to live this way will depend on all of us,” the letter addressed to the people of Vilnius reads.

“If you don't observe the rules, you pose a threat to yourself and to others, therefore we strongly urge you not to gather in big groups outside, not to let your children play in playgrounds, spend more time at home and keep social distance.”

- Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching the face, air your homes and clean surfaces.

- Buy groceries in bigger amounts and go to supermarket as rarely as possible. Help your elderly neighbours.

- Supermarkets, pharmacies and veterinary shops remain open.

- Physicians give consultations only by phone, no doctor visits are allowed at this time. If you feel any of the coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), call the free hotline 1808.

- Paying utility bills has been postponed, don't leave home for that.

- Help your elderly neighbours: take out their trash, do their grocery shopping.

- Senior residents, leaving home is particularly dangerous for you. If you have any issues, you can call 1664 and the Municipality of Vilnius will help you deal with it. If you feel lonely, you can call the Silver Line (Sidabrinė Linija): 8 800 800 20.

- Information and advice on how to survive a quarantine at home:

- The government's information about the coronavirus:

The letter in Lithuanian, Russian and Polish here.