2020.03.19 17:35

China gifts 20,000 medical masks to Lithuania

BNS2020.03.19 17:35

Thousands of medical masks and gloves were sent off from China to Lithuania, the Chinese Embassy said. Meanwhile a local company employing prison inmates has started producing reusable masks in Panevėžys.

“It's a gift from Huawei and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce,” the Chinese Embassy in Vilnius told BNS.

The shipment is transported, free of charge, by a KlasJet aircraft owned by Avia Solutions Group.

“The plane just took off. 240 boxes containing 120,000 pairs of medical gloves and 10 boxes with 20,000 medical masks were loaded,” Vilma Vaitiekūnaitė, a spokeswoman for Avia Solutions Group, told BNS, adding that the cargo should reach Lithuania at 05:00 on Friday.

As protective gear is badly needed by Lithuania's clinics and hospitals in an effort to contain the coronavirus, a local company has also started making reusable masks.

Mūsų Amatai, a company that employs prison inmates, will be making the masks at a female correctional facility in Panevėžys, northern Lithuania, the Prison Department said.

Vytautas Ginius, the head of Mūsų Amatai, says the production has already started. The masks will first be supplied to the staff of correctional facilities.

As of Thursday, Lithuania has confirmed 36 Covid-19 cases.

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