2020.03.19 09:12

Ferry brings home Lithuanians stranded in Germany

BNS2020.03.19 09:12

A special ferry on Wednesday evening brought home Lithuanians who were left stranded in Germany after Poland closed its border to passenger cars.

Passengers were to undergo document and health checks after the ferry from the German port of Sassnitz docked in Klaipėda at 18:36, Limarko Maritime Agency confirmed to BNS.

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Ninety-nine cars with 137 passengers – 95 of them Lithuanian nationals, 34 Latvians and eight Estonians – were aboard the ship, according to Aldonza Grinienė, a spokeswoman for the transport minister. The journey from Sassnitz took about 18 hours.

Lithuanians were left stranded on the German-Polish border after Warsaw closed its borders to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Following lengthy talks, Poland refused to allow passenger cars to cross its territory in a convoy.

Following talks with the Lithuanian government, Poland has allowed Lithuanians to travel via Warsaw Airport on connecting flights operated by the Polish airline LOT, but only if another flight from the Polish capital to Vilnius is organized.

It was also agreed that Poland would allow buses through its territory in the future, if needed.

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