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Lidl gives up plastic bags in Lithuania, other supermarkets to follow

BNS 2020.02.19 13:58

The German retailer Lidl no longer offers plastic bags in Lithuania. Other major retailers in the country plan to follow suite, or provide other alternatives.

Lidl said it phased out plastic bags in January and stopped their use completely this week. The supermarket hopes it will reduce plastic waste by more than 90 tons every year.

Meanwhile Renata Kersiene, head of PR at Rimi, said the chain will decide whether to replace plastic bags after trying out alternatives.

Norfa supermarkets are yet to make a decision, according to the company's spokesman, Darius Ryliškis.

"The sales of paper and reusable bags have gone up lately. And although disposable plastic bags remain popular, the decision to renounce them will be made soon in response to the public needs," he told BNS.

Maxima plans to end the sale of disposable bags and other plastic products by mid-2021, according to the supermarket chain's spokeswoman, Rima Aukštuolytė. Maxima will also offer reusable bags for fruits and vegetables over the next several weeks.

Indre Baltrušaitienė, head of communication at Iki, the chain has replaced their bags with recycled plastic and therefore has no plans to stop their use.

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