News2020.02.10 17:15

LRT English presents a new fact-checking project LRT FACTS 2020.02.10 17:15

LRT English is pairing up with colleagues from to bring you LRT FACTS – a fact-checking platform in cooperation with Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). 

LRT FACTS deconstructs suspicious information that gains traction among the Lithuanian public.

Topics include coronavirus, anti-vaccination, various forms of Russian disinformation, sex education, and others.

This week we will breakdown the claim by Fox News that Lithuanian cities are the "deadliest" in Europe, which was picked up by the country’s main media outlets and resulted in an outcry from the public, the authorities, and even led to a dedicated press conference by the police.

The first installment coming soon.

LRT has been certified according to the Journalism Trust Initiative Programme

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