2020.01.31 10:54

Lithuania Travel partners up with Skyscanner for increased tourism 2020.01.31 10:54

A campaign conducted by Lithuania Travel, the country's tourism development agency, and Skyscanner in the UK will bring over a million euros into the economy and some 6,349 travellers to the country.

“Promoting Lithuania as a travel destination should not be limited to simply raising the awareness of the country abroad,” Dalius Morkvėnas, director of Lithuania Travel, is quoted in the press release.

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“According to Statistics Lithuania, the average tourist from the UK spends 327 euros during their stay in Lithuania. Taking into account the growth generated during the campaign, a 39,500-euro investment in this marketing campaign adds 1.2 million euros to the tourism sector and the national economy as a whole,” he said.

“Thus, a well-targeted investment of one euro potentially increases the export of tourism services by 30 euros. It is worth noting that part of this amount will go to small and medium businesses – from guides to accommodation providers. Also, inbound tourist receipts find their way to national and municipal budgets through income, VAT and other taxes.”

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According to data provided by Skyscanner, travellers who purchase tickets to Lithuania during the campaign will spend an average of 5 nights in the country.

The campaign ran from November to December 2019, and in 2020, Lithuania Travel is set to continue similar campaigns in the UK, Germany, Italy and France.

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