2020.01.27 17:00

Number of organ donors reaches post-independence high in Lithuania

Augustas Stankevičius, BNS2020.01.27 17:00

Some 3,500 people signed up to be organ donors in Lithuania last year, with the number reaching the largest level in the whole post-independence period, the National Transplantation Bureau (NTB) said.

Its figures show that 3,536 people signed up to be organ donors last year, up by almost a third from 2,772 a year earlier.

The change might be related to the public's growing awareness and more frequent campaigns, Rasa Pekarskienė, head of the communication division at the NTB, said.

"Following various campaigns and TV shows people started signing up. We have noticed that once this issue comes to light, some 100 people drop into the system almost every day," Pekarskienė said.

107 people who died last year were deemed as suitable donors for transplantation, but only 52 eventually became donors.

Around a third of relatives refused to donate the organs of their deceased family members last year.

Some 32,000 people in Lithuania have signed agreements to become organ donors. Around 400 people are currently on a donor waiting list.

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