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Final batch of Eurovision semi-finalists come closer to representing Lithuania 2020.01.25 23:28

The third quarter-final in Lithuania's national Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday saw six more performances advance to the next stage.

In all, 36 performers were competing to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Rotterdam on May 12–16.

Half of them have been eliminated over three quarter-final events and the rest advanced to the next stage. The winner will be selected during Lithuania's national Eurovision finale on February 15.

On Saturday, the jury and televoters picked the final six semi-finalists.

The four girls of The Backs – Algė, Berta, Silvija and Eglė – represented Lithuania at Eurovision last year, as back singers to Jury Veklenko. This time, they're competing front and centre with the song Fully.

Eurovizija 2020. „The Backs“ – „Fully“

Vilnius Calling, by Rokas Povilius, is said to be inspired by the classical We Are the Winners, Lithuania's 2006 tongue-in-cheek Eurovision entry that won the country its highest ranking so far.

Eurovizija 2020. Rokas Povilius – „Vilnius Calling“

Actor–Performer Kristina Radžiukynaitė, aka KaYra, won over the audience with Alligator, a song she composed herself.

Eurovizija 2020. KaYra – „Alligator“

Evgenya Redko, formerly part of the band Lilas ir Inomine, has been going solo for four years now and is competing with Far. The song is co-written by Rolandas Venckys – aka Inomine.

Eurovizija 2020. Evgenya Redko – „Far“

Aistė Pilvelytė has been Eurovision runner-up more times than she'd probably care to admit. This time, her hopes are pinned on Unbreakable, a song co-written by Thomas G:son whose Euphoria won the 2012 Eurovision.

The Roop too the audience and the jury with On Fire.

Eurovizija 2020. „The Roop“ – „On fire“

The six are joining 12 earlier semi-finalists:

We Came from the Sun by Rūta Loop

Eurovizija 2020. Rūta Loop – „We Came from the Sun“

My Sound of Silence by Kristina Jure

Eurovizija 2020. Kristina Jure – „My Sound Of Silence“

Somewhere Out There by Alen Chicco

Eurovizija 2020. Alen Chicco – „Somewhere Out There“

Chemistry (Breaking Free) by Germanas Skoris

Eurovizija 2020. Germanas Skoris – „Chemistry (Breaking Free)“

The Ocean by Viktorija Miškūnaitė

Eurovizija 2020. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – „The Ocean“

Make Me Human by Monika Pundziūtė–Monique

Eurovizija 2020. Monique – „Make Me Human“

If I Leave by Monika Marija

Namų dvasia (Home Spirit) by Baltos Varnos

Eurovizija 2020. „Baltos varnos“ – „Namų dvasia“

Tave čia randu (I Find You Here) by Gabrielius Vagelis

Eurovizija 2020. Gabrielius Vagelis – „Tave čia randu“

Why Why Why by Andy Vaic

Eurovizija 2020. Andy Vaic – „Why why why“

Show Ya by Petunija

Eurovizija 2020. Petunija – „Show Ya“

Drip by Meandi

Eurovizija 2020. MEANDI – „Drip“
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