2020.01.18 23:37

6 performers advance to Lithuania's Eurovision semifinal

LRT.lt2020.01.18 23:37

Lithuanian televoters and jury selected six songs that will continue to compete for a place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In all, 36 performers and bands are competing to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Rotterdam on May 12–16.

The winner will be selected during Lithuania's national Eurovision finale on February 15.

On Saturday, the second competition event broadcast by LRT, six of 12 performers with the highest score advanced to the next stage.

Rūta Loop's We Came from the Sun is, according to the performer, dedicated to everyone who has ever felt hurt, lonely or unappreciated.

Kristina Jure (or Kristina Jurevičiūtė), a first-time Eurovision contestant, advanced with the romantic solo My Sound of Silence.

Eurovizija 2020. Kristina Jure – „My Sound Of Silence“

Alen Chicco, a well-known name in Lithuania's drag scene, gave, according to the jury, an “otherworldly” performance with Somewhere Out There.

Eurovizija 2020. Alen Chicco – „Somewhere Out There“

Germanas Skoris won the audience and the jury with his cheerful song Chemistry (Breaking Free).

Eurovizija 2020. Germanas Skoris – „Chemistry (Breaking Free)“

Viktorija Miškūnaitė brought in some operatic grandeur with The Ocean.

Eurovizija 2020. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – „The Ocean“

Make Me Human, pleaded Monika Pundziūtė–Monique performing a song about “a real human living inside each one of us,” according to the singer.

Eurovizija 2020. Monique – „Make Me Human“

They will join the six performances who advanced to the national semifinal last week:

If I Leave by Monika Marija

Namų dvasia (Home Spirit) by Baltos varnos

Eurovizija 2020. „Baltos varnos“ – „Namų dvasia“

Tave čia randu (I Find You Here) by Gabrielius Vagelis

Eurovizija 2020. Gabrielius Vagelis – „Tave čia randu“

Why Why Why by Andy Vaic

Eurovizija 2020. Andy Vaic – „Why why why“

Show Ya by Petunija

Eurovizija 2020. Petunija – „Show Ya“

Drip by Meandi

Eurovizija 2020. MEANDI – „Drip“