2020.01.07 13:59

Lithuanian police share most bizarre bribery attempts of the year

LRT.lt2020.01.07 13:59

Lithuanian police has shared the most bizarre bribery attempts in 2019 in Facebook post published last week.

A driver made the biggest bribery attempt by offering 10,000 euros after being stopped more than four times over the drink-drive limit.

The smallest bribery attempt, meanwhile, was the 10 euros offered by a driver after being stopped for not wearing a seatbelt.

Marginally larger – depending on Brexit-stricken pound sterling rates – bribery attempt was made by a Polish citizen who offered five euros and five British pounds after driving without wearing a seatbelt.

The stakes increased when a man in Panevėžys offered officers 500 euros, a watch, and a yellow-coloured ring after being stopped more than five times over the drink-drive limit.

A Ukrainian citizen offered Lithuanian officers 40 euros and a bottle of vodka after being stopped driving a car with falsified number plates.

In Kėdainiai, a drunk driver tried exchanged seats with a slightly less drunk passenger in a switcheroo that failed to confuse the officers. During the ensuing search, some white powder wrapped in aluminium foil was found with the actual driver, while the passanger now sitting in the driving seat offered officers 300 euros.

The total number of bribery attempts have fallen by a third since 2018, and decreased almost sixfold since the height of bribery attempts in 2014, according to the Lithuanian police.

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