2020.01.07 11:00

Jazz musician donates non-conformist Soviet art collection to Lithuanian museum

BNS 2020.01.07 11:00

Vladimir Tarasov, a prominent jazz musician, has donated his non-conformist art collection to the Lithuanian Art Museum.

The collection consists of about 500 works of art, including pieces of painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography and drawing.

Most of the works are by artists from the former Soviet republics of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and others. The collection also includes pieces donated by artists from France, Germany, the US and other countries, the museum said in a press release on Monday.

“Non-conformist art” refers to art produced in the Soviet Union between the 1960s and 1980s as a response to socialist realism, the official art form of that time.

Tarasov's collection features works by internationally renowned artists Ilya Kabakov, Viktor Pivovarov, Erik Bulatov, Ivan Chuikov, Pavel Pepperstein and many others, as well as by more than 30 Lithuanian artists.

All the pieces in the collection were gifts to Tarasov, the museum says.

Arūnas Gelūnas, the director of the Lithuanian Art Museum, says the collection is “unique” and “has no analogues in the world”. He hopes it will help the museum to “attract visitors not only from neighbouring countries, but also from the world's art centres such as Berlin or London”.

Some works from the collection are to be exhibited in the Radziwill Palace Museum in Vilnius in May.

Born Russia, Tarasov moved to Lithuania in 1968 and has spent many years working with symphony, chamber and jazz orchestras in Lithuania, Europe and the US. He is best known for his percussion projects, but has also directed theatre plays and exhibited visual art.