2019.12.27 14:27

Lithuania’s main cities spent over €800,000 on Christmas decorations

Lithuania’s three largest cities have spent 812,000 euros on Christmas events and decorations, according to municipality representatives.

Vilnius spent the most with 334,000 euros, followed by Kaunas with 288,000, and Klaipėda with 190,000. In Vilnius, the ‘Queen’ Christmas tree alone cost 86,000 euros, which included the construction, decommissioning, transport and all other costs.

The tree-lighting concert cost 35,000 euros, and another 14,000 were spent on decorating the main three bridges in Vilnius.

Another 17,000 euros were spent on the Christmas tree in Rotušės Square, with 30,000 euros going for the decorations in Odminių and Lukiškių squares.

Some 124,000 euros were spent to decorate the main streets in Vilnius.

Meanwhile, Kaunas spent 61,000 euros on the Christmas tree, and another 67,000 euros on decorations around the city. The municipality also dedicated 160,000 euros for festive events that will last until January 6.

In Klaipėda, the main Christmas tree was gifted by local people, same as every year.