News2019.12.27 11:00

21 people from Venezuela to relocate to Lithuania in 2020

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry is in contact with 21 nationals in Venezuela who are interested in relocating away form the crisis-hit country, the ministry told BNS.

A law established in Lithuania earlier this year allows the country's nationals in crisis-hit regions to request financial support and other assistance to relocate back home. Out of the total 187 Lithuanian citizens in Venezuela, around 50 expressed interest in the scheme, according to the foreign ministry.

So far, only one person who has Lithuanian citizenship has acquired the proper documents for relocation.

"The person and also the majority of other [people] would like to move to Lithuania in the spring or summer next year," according to the foreign ministry.

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Applications for the status of a relocated person will be accepted until October 2020.

Venezuela has been istruck by political and economic upheaval, and is currently facing a humanitarian crisis.

Lithuania introduced a similar relocation initiative several years ago when it helped Lithuanians move from eastern Ukraine where the government forces are fighting Russian-backed separatists.

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