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Vilnius Airport to open new departures terminal

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Vilnius Airport announced on Monday a public tender for a new passenger departure terminal. The 14,400-square-metre building is set to double the number of passengers the airport is able to handle.

The new building will sit adjacent to the old departures terminal, near the VIP terminal and a conference centre that are currently under construction, according to Lithuanian Airports press release.

“The focus is on energy efficiency and sustainability," said Arnas Dūmanas, the project manager of the Vilnius Airport Reconstruction Programme.

The 14,400 square metre building will be built across two floors, with a check-in area on the ground floor, shared public spaces, cafes, as well as other commercial spaces and offices.

Technical areas – including baggage sorting and various engineering systems - will be based at the centre of the building. A security screening area and a departure gate for Schengen passengers will be found on the second floor.

According to the press release, the exact costs will become clear once the tender is called.

“Vilnius Airport has already reached capacity," said Dainius Čiuplys, director of Vilnius Airport. "The new terminal will broaden the operational and technological capabilities of the airport."

Vilnius Airport plans to select a contractor for the new terminal by mid-2020 and start work immediately. The new terminal may start operating in the second half of 2022, according to the press release.

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