2019.12.18 09:18

Lithuanian parliament adopts social insurance fund's budget for 2020

Sniegė Balčiūnaitė, BNS2019.12.18 09:18

The Lithuanian parliament, Seimas, has on Tuesday adopted the social insurance fund's budget for 2020 with 97 votes in favour, no votes against, and 10 abstentions.

The fund's revenue will stand at 4.894 billon euros, and expenses will amount to almost 4.55 billion euros. The major part of revenue, over 2.566 billion euros, will come from state social insurance contributions.

State social insurance contributions from self-employed people will stand at around 66 million euros. The budget will also receive almost 1.911 billion euros in allocations from the state budget.

The Sodra budget will spend over 3.47 billion euros to pay social insurance pensions, and almost 358.8 million for sickness insurance payouts and 375 million euros for maternity insurance payouts.

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