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Heritage protection network ICOMOS resuming activities in Lithuania

BNS 2019.12.12 09:30

ICOMOS, a global non-governmental organisation for conservation and protection of cultural heritage sites, is resuming activities in Lithuania, the board of the association ICOMOS Lietuva said on Wednesday.

ICOMOS withdrew the accreditation from the former Lithuanian national committee last July for failing to conform with the organisation's rules and ethics.

ICOMOS Lietuva is the newly-accredited national committee authorised to use the organisation's name in its activities and official communication.

“The temporary suspension of ICOMOS activities in Lithuania and their resumption at the national level reflects the concern of the international heritage expert community and the indifferent part of the Lithuanian public about the deteriorating heritage protection situation in Lithuania,” the board said in a statement.

The new committee is made up of former ICOMOS members in Lithuania who are trusted by the organisation's leadership, according to the board.

“ICOMOS Lietuva plans to take action as soon as possible to draw attention to heritage protection problems in Lithuania, organise discussions and disseminate information on the changes needed,” it said.

ICOMOS is a global network of experts, such as architects, historians, archaeologists, art historians, geographers, anthropologists, engineers and town planners.

The organisation has over 10,000 individual members in 153 countries and more than 100 national committees.

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