2019.12.11 10:30

Vilnius Airport holds Ebola containment exercise – photos

Jonas Kisielius, BNS 2019.12.11 10:30

Vilnius Airport held an exercise on Tuesday on how to contain the spread of a contagious disease.

The five-hour drill simulated a plane carrying an infected person landing in Vilnius, and involved around 250 people and representatives from 14 institutions.

If any plane is suspected of carrying an infected passenger it must land in Vilnius Airport, irrespective of its final destination in Lithuania.

Feliksas Jankevicius, managing director of the Santara Clinics in Vilnius, said the hospital is prepared for serious medical emergencies.

"The clinics have a competent team of professional and specifically equipped premises with necessary technical and organisational means," he said.

Vice Minister of Health Algirdas Seselgis said one of the key goals of this exercise was to improve coordination between the different services.