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News2019.12.03 16:30

Lithuanian parliament backs home-schooling as of September

BNS 2019.12.03 16:30

The Lithuanian parliament, Seimas, has allowed families to choose home-schooling as an option for their children.

The law states that a child can be home-schooled if the family signs a contract with a chosen schoold, and the education received at home is equivalent to the one received at school. The adopted changes makes it mandatory for schools to check the education conditions in a family.

The changes will come into force in June and families will be able to choose home-schooling as of the next academic year.

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Schools and families will have sign contracts that will allow the institutions to consult the home-schooled children and provide teaching materials. Schools will also check regularly the education progress, as well as the need for socialisation.

Seven Lithuanian lawmakers abstained and 75 voted in favour to pass the amendments to the Law on Education.

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