2019.11.28 11:30

Lithuania's biggest fertilizer plant releases pollutants during emergency shutdown

A nitrogen fertilizer plant in Jonava, owned by Achema, was forced into an emergency shutdown due to a power outage on Monday, releasing larger-than-usual amounts of pollutants into the air, the Environment Ministry said on Wednesday. Achema is the biggest ammonia fertilizer producer in the Baltic countries.

Higher-than-usual nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide levels were registered in the air in the central Lithuanian town, the ministry told BNS.

According to Ieva Krikštopaitytė of the Environmental Protection Department, the pollution levels did not breach regulations, but whether the annual permissible level of air pollution was exceeded will only be known at the end of the year.

“A malfunction at the Jonava electricity substation disrupted the supply of power to the Achema fertilizer plant. That triggered a shutdown of most of Achema's production units,” Achema Technical Director Juozas Tunaitis said in comment.