2019.11.27 15:00

Lithuanian data on business owners remains closed to public – Transparency International

Lithuania provides less access to business registers than in other Baltic and Nordic countries, according to a study by Transparency International Lithuania and its partners.

A survey of more than 50 experts, conducted by Transparency International as part of the study, showed "a pressing need for open data" in the country.

Data on beneficial ownership is collected in Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Denmark, however, not in Lithuania. Although, the data was planned to be made public starting January 1, 2020, the anti-corruption watchdog said in a press release on Tuesday.

"Lithuania is best rated for data showing who finances political campaigns in the country. This data is available as open data, thus, it is easily accessed, comprehensive and user-friendly," it said.

"Lithuania is the only country that publishes data on lobbying activities. However, this data is not machine-readable, which means it is impossible to compare, reuse or redistribute this data."

One in three respondents in the survey conducted as part of the study said they used open data at least once a week, but four in ten were not satisfied with its availability. Experts also said they needed public procurement data the most, which can't be found in an open format.

In Lithuania, the study was conducted between September and November 2019, based on interviews with 54 experts and publicly available information.