2019.11.15 17:30

Lithuania aims to create ‘startup paradise’ – video, Deutsche Welle2019.11.15 17:30

Lithuanian’s IT industry is booming and its pioneers want to conquer the tech world with new ideas, Deutsche Welle reports.

From Qoorio humans app that allows people to match with ideas-generators across the country, to Start Up Lithuania, the government body looking to promote startup growth in the country, There's an optimistic spirit in Lithuanian IT sector, according to DW.

Earlier young people would leave the country, but the Lithuanian government gave full support to the startup sector. Last year, 611 startups were registered in Lithuania. Over six years, over 4,300 jobs have been created.

“We are trying to create a startup paradise here,” Roberta Rudokienė, head of Startup Lithuania, tells DW.

See the full video report here.

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